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It is hard to believe Hardwood, Texas will be 20 years old in November of 2024. Before social media, before Netflix, before Covid and everyone creating content in some form or fashion, there was this site that launched in 2004. You can fact check us, but this was the place for social discussions, for streaming clinic videos and for shared docs long before it was trendy to do so! We hope you take a look around and see what our site has to offer.

We have twenty years of basketball content in the form of clinic videos, library docs and podcasts. And 24/7 discussion on basketball (and non-basketball topics) inside Town Hall and our Sub-Divisions (groups).

We used to be called texasbasketballcoaches.com, and then rebranded about ten years ago to Hardwood, Texas, because after all, we are a community. A community of basketball coaches who have one place they can call home… Hardwood, Texas. But don’t let the name fool you, over the years we have had coaches from across the U.S. find us and we are glad they did. The more basketball knowledge we can all share, the better for the sport.

To celebrate our twenty year anniversary coming this November, we have rebuilt the site from the ground up and are currently in production of getting all of our content into an app. This new site has many new features, with more in the works, along with lighting fast speed and a streamlined user experience, combined with all the great content.

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